Make Money With IPTV

How to make money with IPTV

Earn money with our affiliate system. Earn 30% of all sales that come from your affiliate link. Sign up for our affiliate program and after logging in, you will see a unique link that is linked to your affiliate account in real-time. all you have to do is to promote that link on your social media accounts, blog, YouTube, or any other places, or directly promote it to your friends and family, or if you own a website, you can make an ad banner and insert your affiliate link in the banner… And if someone buys a 12-month subscription ($50) through your link, you will earn 30% of the money which is $15, which you can withdraw once a month to your PayPal, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency account. Alternatively, you can use your balance to purchase an IPTV subscription from us. Have fun and good luck.


– We pay a 30% commission on all payments made through your custom signup link.

– We track the visitors you refer to us using browser cookies, so users you refer don’t have to buy right away for you to get paid. Cookies can be stored for up to 180 days after the initial visit. In other words, if a client clicks on your link now and then leaves the website without purchasing, he will be tracked by our cookies for 180 days, even if he shuts down his computer, if he returns to our website within 180 days (from a different source, no need to open your affiliate link again) and purchases a subscription, our system will automatically reward your affiliated account. (Your account will also be rewarded if the client purchases multiple packages or recurring payment subscriptions… you can call that your own client.)

If you’re a blogger, vlogger, reviewer, or another type of influencer, feel free to include the link in your video or content without contacting us first. Simply send us the link so that we can like and share it. Make more money by referring friends! It’s really that simple.

——-To join our affiliate program, if you are already a client and have an account with us, log in and click on the affiliate button that you will find on your account, then click on become an affiliate, then wait for your affiliate account to be approved, then login back and see the affiliation platform where you can see your own revenue and generate the tracking link.

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